Copyright | covers artistic works, literary works including published editions of works, computer software or programs, musical works including films, sound recordings, broadcasts 

Immoral or obscene works and illegal works are not protected

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Copyright Protection 

No registration is required. Copyright automatically subsists once the work is completed. Therefore, it is important (however not compulsory) for the author to keep evidence of production


Place copyright notice (e.g. © 2011 LIM CHONG CHUAN & ASSOCIATES SDN BHD) on your work at all times.


Make a Statutory Declaration to adduce evidence of the completed work. Please provide:
1) Full name and address of the Owner

2) Full name and address of the Author(s)

3) If the Owner is not the Author
    Please justify the Owner's right to own (e.g. by employment / assignment / commission)

4) Completed work


Copyright Filing in Malaysia (Voluntary Notification of Copyright)

Filing Requrements:

1) Statutory Declaration (as stated in Option 2)

2) Completed work


LCC&A Copyright Services

  • Copyright Statutory Declaration Drafting
  • Copyright Filing in Malaysia (Voluntary Notification of Copyright)
  • Copyright Consultancy



What are the conditions for copyright protection in Malaysia?

Three conditions:
a) sufficient effort has been expended
b) the work has been written down / recorded / reduced to material form
c) work is done by a Malaysian citizen / permanent resident and is created / published in Malaysia

How long is the copyright protection period?

The life of the author + 50years after his death

If the work is published after the death of the author / If the work is published under a pen name: 50years from the publication date

What is the basis of copyright infringement?

Copying the whole work or a substantial part of the work with a photocopier / scanner / computer

What to do if your work has been infringed?

Contact the Enforcement Unit of the Domestic Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs. Documents required:
a) an affidavit
b) alleged infringing copy
c) address where infringement is carried out