IP Protection in Malaysia


Since 1987, LCC&A has been operating an Intellectual Property (IP) Global Network of qualified attorneys / practitioners in various countries around the world. Such a reliable and trustworthy IP Global Network is sustained by tested professionalism over the years.

LCC&A provides added-value Intellectual Property (IP) services to assist clients in formulating their IP strategy, consumer insights, innovation and branding.

To Foreign Associates:

LCC&A is patent, trade mark, industrial design agents registered with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

LCC&A is well-equipped to communicate with you by email, telephone, mail, fax or Skype. Our staffs stay current with continuing professional education and with updated knowledge of local IP practices and happenings.

To Foreign Companies:

Over the years, LCC&A keep in touch with the business needs of various trades and industries. Our added-value IP services are offered, using fewer resources, reducing costs, getting job done faster, and increasing the likelihood of success.

To Malaysian Clients:

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) consideration is most relevant when you are performing Research & Development (R&D) and Marketing functions. LCC&A understands your business needs both in Malaysia and globally, so that your IPRs have greater impact and produces higher return on your investment.


Research & Development Support

"Don't start your R&D until you have done a search!"
Quote from European Patent Office

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IP Hub for Asia Pacific

IP BANDWAGON plays the role of a central management. We are located in Malaysia, a place with reliable internet technologies, stable financial management, structures and responsive legal systems to keep our services effective and efficient.

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